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This program for Shire Pharmaceuticals consisted of various remodel projects throughout their four-building campus located in Wayne, PA.  Since all of the remodel projects took place while the buildings remained open for business, it was imperative to ensure that we maintained an effective communication plan with our client.  This collaborative approach helped to ensure the project milestone dates were met while maintaining the safety of all employees.  The projects included the phased open remodels of conference rooms, cafeterias, lobbies, fitness centers, learning labs, employee lounges and break areas, and office common areas.  Each project received specialized finishes and millwork packages throughout to meet the varying design criteria established by the design team.

  • Client
  • Shire Pharmaceuticals
  • Project Location
  • Wayne, PA
  • Market
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Keywords
  • Pharmaceutical, Medical, Office, Commercial, Fit-out, Remodel, Open Remodel

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